gray+gray goes GESCHWISTERRAUM

gray+gray represents a programme of international contemporary art with an emphasis on young emerging artists. Its artistic media ranges from representational and abstract painting, photography, sculpture, performance art, among others. The programmatic focus is on artists from Africa, complemented by artists from other spaces that connect with the gallery’s ideology.

gray+gray gallery moves to the final location at Kriegsstrasse 134, 76133 Karlsruhe in September 2023 and becomes part of GESCHWISTERRAUM end of the year.

GESCHWISTERRAUM promotes cultural exchange between Africa and Germany, with a focus on the visual arts. Under the umbrella of GESCHWISTERRAUM gGmbH, GESCHWISTERRAUM/Welfenstrasse primarily offers living, working and exhibition opportunities for guest artists. The main focus of GESCHWISTERRAUM/Kriegsstrasse is gallery work with solo and group exhibitions as well as the organisation of participation in national and international art fairs. An extensive supporting programme with readings, discussions and workshops takes place at both locations.With this possibility of international artist exchange through exhibitions, artist residencies and classical gallery work, the predecessors (mm projects, theartape and gray+gray) find their final form after almost 10 years of exhibition activity, as an invitation to participate in and support this dialogue.