Ewoe Defia

 Noreen Ewoe Defia (1994) is a self trained multidisciplinary artist whose works explores painting and installations. She lives and works in Tema, Ghana. 

Ewoe’s works takes a critical view of social, political and cultural issues. From her visual language and artistic technique, Ewoe furnishes an interesting and fresh perspective and is obviously not afraid to take risks as she seeks to share her opinions on what are topical issues. The immediacy of her work is the forthright questioning of the equilibrium of power between the individual and societal authority. 

Ewoe was heavily influenced by her mother who was an artisan specialising in making wreaths ‚juu‘ from natural plants and flowers of different species and colours. This influence can been seen in her body works which are suffused with vibrant colours, textures and deliberate thick brush strokes. 

„As an artist, my inspiration comes from my environment and my curiosity about the society’s culture and history and so through my paintings, I bring to life, life and society’s subject matter often neglected, lessons from prehistoric times and legacies passed on to posterity and I consider my works are a record book for the current and next generation. My artistic process is simply spontenous. Highly inspired to create art that communicated the good, bad, the ugly from the lifestyles of older and younger generation, I use colours and forms that expresses volumes of my inner voice but in a way relatable to the outside world.“