Ewoetsa Defia

 Nora Ewoetsa Defia (1994) is a self trained multidisciplinary artist whose works explores painting and installations. She lives and works in Tema, Ghana. 

Ewoetsa’s works explores social, political and cultural issues affecting Africans. Her body of works consists of a blend of figurative and abstract compositions merged with synthetic afro hair as a way to discuss the African Identity. Afro hair is a huge part of African cultures and identity due to their emotional and spiritual connections to their hair. The artificial afro hair glued on the figures gives them a realism which also resonates with the artist’s vocation as a hairdresser. The realistic hairstyles are repeated in several other works thus according the paintings a certain energy and symbolism. 

Ewoetsa’s was heavily influenced by her mother who was an artisan specialising in making wreaths ‚Juu‘ from natural plants and flowers of different species and colours. This influence is evident in her works which are filled with vibrant colours, forms and texture. 

„My inspiration comes from both my life experiences, interaction with my environment, colours and forms found in nature. I’m struck by the greenish nature of leaves, the various colours of flowers; shouty and calm each creating it’s own unique feeling in man, the clash of waves against the river beds and seas, the hustle and bustle in the market places, the love and duel links between families, the various happenings of the society and using colours as language and communication means, I bring life and emotions through the movement of the brushwork and the luscious layered colors.“